MCWS Cup Registration has reached capacity!

Thank you everyone who decided to sign up for the league! InshaAllah we will be accepting names for the free agent pool. You can find the link available under Leagues>MCWS Cup> MCWS Cup Free Agent List

-Faheem Huq 6/18

MCWS Cup Registration is currently live!

Registration closes June 18th at 11:59 pm. You will be contacted with more information upon a successful registration. Remember, MCWS Cup reserves the right to accept or decline the registration for any player and will refund your money excluding the taxes and fees. You will find the link available under Leagues>MCWS Cup>MCWS Cup Registration

-Faheem Huq

The MCWS Youth have taken their own initiative to galvanize the Ummah by putting together premiere leagues for Basketball and Soccer. Active participation by people of all ages as players, captains, coaches, spectators, board members/accountants/technical directors, photographers, athletic physician assistants and ownership/sponsors.

We plan to expand and integrate an annual MCWS Tennis tournament debuting in the Summer 2018.

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