Power rankings as of 3/13/18:

1.) Team OVO (4-0) The defending champions are looking for a repeat. This team is hotter than a volcano, they’re on a 10 game win streak since last seasons run. Behind their phenomenal offense lead by Mohammed Turfe averaging 26pts a game, and rebound machine Zuhair Qamar, grabbing 17rebs a game this team looks unstoppable.

2.) Team A3B (4-0) This team straight out of Dearborn are flying in hot. Lead by offensive star Mohammed Obeid leading the league in scoring with 28pts a game and makes it look easy with his high flying jams. But we cant give him all the credit, rookie Noor Hamed is a train avg 16pts and 16reb a game while shooting 60% from the floor, this team is in the hunt for the trophy.

3.) The Camels (2-2) This team started the season with two straight losses, making it look like this team wasn’t even a contender for the championship. Adding Adam Mheisen to the squad saved this team. The rookie is avg 26pts in only two games, sensational shooting avg 56%. He put this team back on the map.

4.) Team Lockup (2-2) Team Lockup has a great offensive lead by a great duo Mohammad Younis and Foosy Abdrabbo, but this team seems to give up once things don’t go their way. They need to keep pushing all 40min and this team could possibly finish the season at the top.

5.) Team GSR (1-3) This team started off the season great with a huge upset win against the Camels, but since then they cant seem to be able to taste a W again. On a 3 game losing streak, they have the weapons to win but they just don’t know how to use them.

6.) Team UBK (2-2) This team has two great players Marlen Dede and Nibras Memon, but they aren’t enough to lead this team to a championship.

7.) Team FadeAway (1-3) This team just cant seem to finish. Despite rookie Junaid Raza avg 18pts a game. They just don’t have enough pieces to complete the puzzle.

8.) The Dreamchasers (0-4) It says it in the name they have to keep dreaming to even get one win. Struggling team with a struggling offense and a struggling defense, IA Allah guides them to a win. #FreeMeek