TIME: There will be two 20-minute halves with a running clock. The clock will stop at the last two minutes of the second half and the last minute of the first half. In those last two minutes the clock will only stop for: Fouls, Time outs, and injuries. The clock will continue to run on made baskets. A Mercy Rule will be in effect when one team is winning by at least 20 points in the last two minutes of the second half.
TIMEOUTS: Each team will have one timeout per half. Timeouts do NOT carry over. Each team will have one additional timeout within the last two minutes of the second half. Each team will have one timeout in overtime. Timeouts are approximately 30 seconds long, but are at the discretion of the referees.
OVERTIME: Overtime will be 3 minutes long with a running clock for the first 2 minutes. The clock will stop on dead balls during the last minute of the overtime period if the score remains within 10 points. In subsequent OT periods, we will reduce the time to 2 minutes for 2OT and then 1 minute for 3OT and so on and so forth.

1) Win-Loss Record
2) Win %
3) Head to Head
4) Points Differential

FOULS: Each player is allowed up to six (6) fouls. When the sixth foul is called that player is no longer eligible to play in the remainder of the game. A team total of fouls will also be kept. When a team reaches a total of seven (7) fouls in one half the other team will be awarded one-and-one free throw situation. When a team accumulates ten (10) fouls in one half, the other team is awarded two free throws.

HACK A DRUMMOND: If a team is in the bonus, the fouling of a player, without the ball, will not result in that player shooting free throws. Instead, the team committing the foul will be given a technical. The other team will receive 2 points and the ball.

FREE THROWS: Free Throws are on a “One and One” after the first 7 Team Fouls of each half. Any additional fouls after that will be the traditional two foul shots. Also, two fouls under the final two minutes of the second half will constitute bonus shots. (One and One at two fouls and two foul shots at three fouls)

HALFTIME: Halftime will be approximately 2 minutes long, but the time is at the discretion of the referees.

PLAYERS: A team may play an entire game with 4 players. However, each team consists of a maximum 6 players.

PLAYERS FOULED OUT: A player can be disqualified from a game for committing six (6) personal fouls. Offensive fouls do not count as personal fouls

TECHNICAL FOULS: Technical fouls are considered personal fouls. If a player commits two technical fouls in one game, he shall be disqualified from the game. If the technical fouls are of the flagrant nature (as determined by the referees and the commissioners), the player will need to vacate the gymnasium immediately and may be disqualified from following games (again, as determined by the referees and the commissioners). If a team commits three flagrant fouls, the team shall forfeit the game. All technical fouls are at the discretion of the commissioner and call result in forfeit, suspensions and/or expulsion from the league. Technical fouls include, but are not limited to the following:

1. Un-sportsmanlike conduct
2. Too many players on the court
3. Delay of game
4. Disrespectfully addressing or contacting an official or gesturing in such a manner as to indicate resentment
5. Using profanity or vulgarity: taunting, baiting, or ridiculing another player; or pointing a finger at or making obscene gestures toward another player
6. Purposely obstructing an opponent’s vision by waving or placing hand(s) near his/her eyes
7. Intentionally of flagrantly contacting an opponent
8. Any form of dunking (as it is against building policy). If a player dunks, hangs on a rim, grabs and hangs on the net
9. Fighting

BONUS POINTS: Common fouls will be penalized by awarding the offended team the ball out-of-bounds. If it is a shooting foul, then the team will shoot free throws. Once a team reaches 7 team fouls, the opposing team will be sent to the free throw line for a one and one foul shot. At 10 fouls, the opposing team will be sent to the free throw line for a double bonus foul shot. (2 foul shots) Technical fouls will be penalized by awarding the opposing team two points and the ball-out of bounds. Intentional fouls will be penalized by as stated above.

TEAM ROSTERS: No players may be added to the team roster who was not in the draft or who is not registered as a “Free Agent”. Exceptions will be made if a player must drop from the league. The addition of a player, due to a former player dropping, can be done until after the first week of the regular season. Once the deadline has passed, a new player will only be added if the original player suffers an injury and is unable to come back to participate in the rest of the season. If a team chooses to select a player from the Free Agent Pool, they will have agreed to drop their former player and he will be unable to compete in the league for the rest of the season. Teams are allowed to choose a player from the Free Agent Pool however this does not guarantee that they will be allowed to play. The commissioners will approve/deny the addition of a Free Agent player based on the players equal in skill to the player that they lost. This is at the discretion of the commissioners of MCWSBL.

PLAYOFF ROSTERS: Players must play in at least 4 regular season games to be eligible to play in the playoffs. The only exception to this rule will be for a late addition do to a serious injury. This player must play in at least 1 game prior to playoffs. Score sheets during the regular season will determine whether or not a player is eligible for the playoffs.

PLAYER CONDUCT: No player may challenge the referee; if he does so, he will be at risk for a technical foul. No player shall threaten an opposing player, spectator, official, or scorekeeper in any manner. Threatening conduct will result in disqualification from the game and suspension from the following game. Threatening conduct may result in removal from the league altogether and is at the discretion of the commissioners. Inappropriate and foul language will not be tolerated in the league. No warning is needed from the referees about players’ language. Technical fouls will be given in response to foul language in any form. No player is allowed to enter the facility who appears to be under the influence of any sort of drug/alcohol. A general rule of thumb is that if you will not act this way in front of your mother, please don’t do it inside of the Masjid.

FORFEITS: Forfeits may result from teams showing up late to their game. A 5-minute grace period will be given at the beginning of each game. The clock will start promptly after the grace period and run for ten minutes with a point being added on for each minute missed. At the end of the ten minutes, if a team is not ready, the game shall be a forfeit. NO EXCEPTIONS will be made to this rule.

JERSEYS: Each player shall have a jersey consisting of one color worn by the entire teams with a permanent number on the jersey. Players with no numbers or numbers made with tape, permanent marker, etc. shall face a technical foul with a running clock. The jerseys are included within the league dues that each player must pay. If a player is not wearing the proper jersey teams will be awarded 1 point, per half per player, for opposing player(s) not having the jersey.

PAYMENT: The League Dues are 50 dollars per player. This will include the price for the jersey and the price for referees. If your jersey has been ordered, you are not eligible for a full refund. The amount for the jersey will be deducted from league dues. If you have played even a single game, you are not eligible for a refund at all.

DUNKING: There is no dunking allowed within the MCWSBL. Any player who dunks will be assessed a technical foul.

IN-GAME STOPPAGE: The Game will be stopped due to players and spectators on the court who are not allowed to be on the court. The play will be stopped if the jerseys are too similar to one another. The play will be stopped if any player starts bleeding for any reason during the game. The player must be substituted out. They will not be allowed to enter the game unless the situation has been assessed by the commissioners and referee. No player is allowed to walk up to the scorekeepers table except for substitute players.

VIOLATIONS: In Game violations include, intentionally kicked balls during game play (technical foul can be assessed by referee or commissioners), offensive (3 seconds) key violations and 10 second back court violations. Two feet must be out before the count will be reset. Back to the basket violations (5 seconds), Double Dribbles/Carrying/Travelling.